Stan Chan

Architect and Full-Stack Developer
in San Francisco Bay Area
Previously at Google, Symphony, Carrot, Stan has breath of strengths that cover all levels of the tech stacks and developing high-scale systems that can handle billions of users


Python, Java, Machine Learning, Memcache, Redis, Hadoop, Cascading, R, Mahout, Gearman

React, NodeJS


Preferred Environment


JavaScript13 yearsGit11 yearsGraphQL6 yearsNode.js6 yearsReactJS6 years



Tools Developer


* Designed and implemented QA dashboard for the manufacturing team using Google Web Toolkit
* Created a data-aggregation and visual representation framework for multisource datamining and graphical representation
* Provided team with data-driven QA performance assessment and recommendations
* Tools: Java, GWT, Python, MySQL, Perforce

Software Engineer


* Designed and maintained components of a low latency real time ad bidding web service
* Design systems to train and execution of a Bayesian model based on user data to optimize ROI for consumers
* Designed and implemented real-time feedback control system on top of existing ML model to tightly control profitability targets
* Analyzed tera-scaled data to predict cost/volume trade-offs
* Improved deployment processes
* Worked on various infrastructural components to provide stability and scalibility
* Tools: Memcache, Redis, MySQL (Percona), HBase, Hadoop, Cascading, R, Mahout, AWS, Python, Gearman

Director of Core & Infrastructure

Symphony Commerce
• San Francisco Bay Area

Symphony Commerce (formerly sneakpeeq Inc) provides retailers the ability scale their businesses by handling operations beyond manufacturing. By reducing the pain of dealing with warehousing, shipment, taxation, international commerce concerns, fraud, returns, etc. our customers can stay focus and excel in advancing their brands and products.

I joined the company as a ML/personalization engineer. Recognizing the need for proper engineering discipline and tools to ensure system stability and scalability, I introduced processes and tools like code review (phabricator), deployment (fabric and later ansible) to enforce proper engineering practices, while built up caching, security, reporting, queuing, etc to enable scalability. During the four years with symphony, I have participated heavily in building out and mentoring the engineering team, as well as advising for company value, vision, communication, and execution.

* developed and oversaw engineering processes, such as design review, code review, and deployment
* advocated, scaled, and lead Core infrastructure (2013-), Engingeering Ops (2013-), Business Intelligence (2015-), and Management Framework teams (2015-)
* provided design and career mentorship to engineering team
* architected and built components of business services
* source/staff core team engineering team
* lead internship program efforts
* lead evaluation, negotiation, and rollout of 3rd party tools

Interim goto guy for building things

• San Francisco Bay Area

Carrot Inc. (originally CarrotSense Inc.) is a smoking cessation program. Combining mobile technology, behavioral science, and clinical expertise, Carrot provides an engaging and empowering experience to their participants in their quest for a life without cigarettes.

I was hired in as the first on-site software engineer with the goal of building up the technology as well as the team. By identifying gaps in the organization as it grows, my functions ranged from architecture and implementation to project/process management to team management/mentorship.

* Designed and implemented backend and security architecture and application services
* Laid out engineering processes such as security, deployment, coding standard, code reviews
* Created administration portal
* Managed day-to-day engineering operations
* Mentored engineers
* Planned technical roadmaps and advised on product
* Organized interviewing process and efforts with recruiters and HR
* Managed internship program
* Promoted communication and greater understanding between engineering and other departments

Advisor and team builder

Ensho Health

Ensho Health de-identifies and structures electronic medical records to make it cheaper and faster to develop new therapies, understand outcomes of different treatments in the real world, evaluate the impacts of innovative drugs and medical devices, and support the transformation of the healthcare system to a value-based one.

I joined Ensho Health to design and build the MVP, hire engineering talents, and provide technical and product advices.

Engineering Mentor


Bolt is a fast growing financial startup with a focus on e-commerce operations. I acted in an interim leadership/part time capacity in growing out their Toronto office operations, including hiring, one on one with engineers, and provided process analysis to their merchant experience team.





Developer Tools



Node.js, ReactJS




Bachelor of Applied Sciences, Mechatronics Engineer

University of Waterloo