Srdjan Stajic

Full-Stack Developer
in Novi Sad, Serbia
Driven full-stack developer with 6 years of experience creating and maintaining applications across a wide variety of projects and product spaces.Proficient in React.js, React Native, Node.js, and Express.He has extensive start-up experience, working mostly in a remote environment for small and big projects, being qualified in all facets of development and technical leadership.Srdjan strives to create success through user satisfaction and technology solutions that increase productivity, marketability, and overall business value.


✅ Expertise on JavaScript / ES8
✅ More than 6 years in web / mobile development
✅ AWS Certified Developer
✅ High-quality code with good documentation

Preferred Environment


Express.js7 yearsNode.js7 yearsReact Native7 yearsReactJS7 yearsJavaScript7 yearsAWS7 yearsFirebase6 yearsTypeScript4 years



Senior Front-end Developer

Procore Technologies
• September, 2019
- September, 2020
• Remote
  • Working for Procore Technologies, which is a top US construction project management software company with more than a million users.
  • Working as a contractor on core team responsible for maintaing and enchanted multiple client-facing React apps.
  • Working whitin 10 person team using agile workflow.

Tech Stacks: React, Redux, Typescript, CSS, Ruby On Rails

Freelance Senior Full-Stack Developer

• September, 2016
- September, 2020
• Remote
  • Worked for many different clients ranging from small startups, Y Combinator startups, medium and large companies like TerraGo, Jobot, NiftyPM and Rendered Text.
  • Worked on many projects using React, React Native, Node. Helped to develop many prototypes and MVPs and worked on a couple of large web platforms and mobile applications.
  • Architected and developed complex solutions using both NoSQL and SQL databases.
  • Experienced using both AWS and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Integrated and worked with many third-party API services like Stripe, Algolia, Intercom, Zendesk, Social Network APIs, and more.

Tech Stacks: React, React Native, Node, Express, Redux, Typescript, CSSAWS, Firebase

Senior Full-Stack Developer / CTO

• September, 2018
- December, 2019
• Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Co-founded Love Wall startup, and led the development of Love Wall social network mobile app.
  • Architected and set up the structure of both back-end (serverless, powered by Google Cloud Functions) and front-end for a mobile social network.
  • Led a couple of junior / medior developers in the development of the mobile app. Did code reviews and helped structure the app.
  • Worked with UI designers and project managers in managing and controlling the direction of the UI for the mobile app.

Tech Stacks: React Native, Node, Express.js, Firebase

Senior Full-Stack Developer / CTO

• January, 2017
- September, 2019
• Remote
  • Built both frontend and backend for a SaaS used by real estate agents to market their listings.
  • Features like uploading photos / videos and generating professional layouts and slide shows for real estate property marketing.
  • Building custom pdf flyers. Integration with 3rd party APIs like zillow, trulia.
  • Stripe integration with different subscription plans and one off purchases.
  • Using Adobe AfterEffects to generate video presentations.
  • Responsabilities included implementing UI / UX designs and features. Decisions on technologies used to best match the requirements.

Tech Stacks: React,Node,Restify,Firebase,AWS,Stripe,AWS Lambda

Full-Stack Developer

• January, 2015
- December, 2016
• Remote
  • Worked on a social network (mobile/web) app built in React and React Native.
  • Worked as a developer lead for the back end (Sails.js, dynamoDb) and worked on the front end (React, React Native)

Tech Stacks: React,Node,Restify,Firebase,AWS,Stripe,AWS Lambda






Express.js, Node.js, React Native, ReactJS, Ruby on Rails




B.Sc. in Computer Engineering

FTN: Faculty of Technical Sciences
• September, 2011
- May, 2016
• Novi Sad, Serbia