Octaviano Ledesma

Data Scientist
in San Francisco, CA
Highly experienced Data Architect with successes scaling database systems to handle multi-billion-dollar businesses (Hotwire/Expedia, One Kings Lane). Also highly versed with data modeling and analytics, working directly with business teams.


  • Database and Application Design
  • Big Data Modeling
  • Big Data Architecture
  • Tuning
  • BS and MS in Math from Harvard U and Stanford U
  • MBA from Stanford U

Preferred Environment


Database/Storage/Cache18 yearsBusiness Analysis16 yearsMySQL16 yearsSQL16 yearsBig Data7 years



Data Architect

One Kings Lane
• April, 2013
- July, 2019
• San Francisco, CA

Redesigned data model/database schema for storefront (website, mobile app) applications to reflect product hierarchy relationships and merchandising relationships and implemented successive sections/components.  Perform continuing investigation, troubleshooting and remediation of data integrity issues throughout the site applications. Developed data conversion and migration programs for PIM system installation. Data migration to new ecommerce platform. Designed and developed history tracking of application (product and merchandising) tables to facilitate investigation, analysis and ETL to the data warehouse.

Data Warehouse Engineer

Black Arrow
• May, 2011
- April, 2013
• Remote

Designed and developed ETL jobs, designed warehouse tables (fact and dimension), and developed reports for tracking and analytics for a Video on Demand ad serving application.  Developed quantitative algorithms for supply (available impressions) calculation and forecasting.

Software Consultant

• April, 2005
- October, 2010
• Remote
  • Design of analytical frameworks for investment performance analysis.
  • Determining appropriate specifications for calculating period profit from accounting results.
  • Supervising development of applications for tracking investment results and risk adjusted profitability. Ensuring compliance of application modules to functional specifications.  Development/coding of quantitative/analytic components, including robust internal rate of return calculations (that converge when defined).
  • Design and architecture of data warehouse of investment performance results for analytic and reporting purposes, developed in Microsoft SQL Server /Transact-SQL.
  • Supervising development and ensuring compliance with analytical functional specifications. Development/coding of APIs for Data Marts.
  • Troubleshooting reported financial results from financial accounting systems, determining accuracy, planning and implementing corrective action.
  • Test and evaluation of RDBMS alternatives, including Oracle 11g, and MySQL 5.4

Database Architect

• January, 2002
- May, 2007
• San Francisco, CA

Designed data model to meet site application and business intelligence requirements.   Tuned application SQL. Investigated and tested alternative data management and propagation technologies, including RAC, object oriented databases, JDO compliant object-relational mapping tools.  Developed PL/SQL packages and Java Stored Procedures to manage application data.  Developed scripts using SQL*Loader to populate the application database.  Redesigned data warehouse to handle increased volume and functional requirements.  Managed database changes through release cycle.  Administered development and QA databases.

Tech Stacks: Oracle 9i/9.2/10g RDBMS on Solaris, JDBC, PL/SQL,  SQL*Loader, Quest Central, Indepth for Oracle (Symantec/Veritas), Embarcadero ER/Studio, Toplink, Kodo, Weblogic

Database Designer

• October, 2000
- October, 2001
• San Francisco, CA

Developed and implemented a database design to meet analytical information requirements. Administered  development and production databases.  Implemented replication of databases to  staging and to foreign sites.  Developed PL/SQL packages to manage client and provider data.  Developed scripts using SQL*Loader to import client data.  Supported developers with database code, security and JDBC access.

Tech Stacks: Oracle 8i/9i RDBMS on Solaris, JDBC, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, Resin

Data Architect

• June, 2000
- June, 2001
• San Francisco, CA

Developed the data model and database architecture and design for a commercial website application.  Administered development and production databases.  Implemented  java data access classes to interface Java server application with Oracle database,.  Analyzed  market making optimization modules and developed application code to interface with these modules,.  Developed PL/SQL procedures to manage data.  Developed data warehouse for sales and marketing information

Tech Stacks: Oracle 8i RDBMS on Solaris, Erwin 3.5.2, PL/SQL, Veritas Volume Manager, BEA WebLogic 5, JDBC, RMAN



Big Data

Data Science



Software Development Processes

Requirements Analysis


Big Data, Database/Storage/Cache


AB degree in Mathematics

Harvard University
• Cambridge, MA

Awarded an academic scholarship.

Dean’s list.  Graduated cum laude.  Proved several original results in differential topology for honors thesis.

MS degree in Mathematics

Stanford University

Awarded a Ford Foundation Fellowship


Stanford Graduate School of Business
• Palo Alto, CA

Concentration in Finance, Decision Science