Gary J Lin

Full-Stack Developer
in San Mateo, CA
Experience Highlights: Facebook, Yelp, NVIDIA, Veeva Systems
A well-rounded and driven software engineer with breath of skills covering slick UI/UX front-end and mobile Apps all the way to high-scale high-performance backends


Breath of experience with fast-moving Silicon Valley companies, including Facebook, Yelp, Progressly, NVIDIA, Veeva Systems, and others

Preferred Environment


Python5 yearsJavaScript5 yearsMySQL4 yearsPostgreSQL4 yearsNode.js4 yearsReactJS4 yearsReact Native3 yearsGo Lang3 yearsJava3 years



Software Engineer

• October, 2019
- September, 2020
• Menlo Park, CA
  • Built Messenger Desktop’s brand new Co-Watch experience as a team of three
  • Collaborated on a team of ten for the launch of the Creator Studio mobile app
  • Designed and implemented Creator Studio’s Notication framework

Technical Lead

Nauto - Project Explore
• January, 2019
- October, 2019
• Palo Alto, CA
  • Pioneered Project Explore, Nauto’s rst trac safety data tool
  • Sourced, interviewed, and trained full-stack engineers

Software Engineer Intern

• September, 2018
- December, 2018
• Menlo Park, CA
  • Redesigning the real-time dynamic muting of copyrighted videos
  • Contributing to Facebook’s internal Video Copyright Inspector tool

Software Engineer Intern

• May, 2018
- August, 2018
• San Francisco, CA
  • Managed the team’s 2018 Q3 Service Health OKRs
  • Pioneered Yelp’s rst custom visualization in Splunk with D3.js

Cofounder & Project Manager

Zoo House
• January, 2017
- February, 2018
• Waterloo, ON
  • Directed team of fourteen on LUQL, an iOS P2P tourism platform
  • Pioneered LUQL’s payment, approvals, and bookings systems

Mobile Engineer Intern

• September, 2017
- December, 2017
• Redwood City, CA
  • Spearheaded Progressly’s React Native mobile application
  • Introduced UI enhancements, analytics, and development guidelines

Software Engineer Intern

• January, 2017
- April, 2017
• Santa Clara, CA
  • Maintained ERIS, a distributed GPU install, build, and test platform
  • Led a multi-team project for automated rebooting of 1000+ machines

Performance Engineer Intern

Veeva Systems
• May, 2016
- August, 2016
• Toronto, ON
  • Engineered E2E tests for Veeva Vault, a cloud storage system
  • Produced JVM, Kibana, and JMeter performance analysis tools



Firebase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis


Android, iOS


Bachelor of Computer Science

University of Waterloo
• September, 2014
- September, 2019
• Waterloo, ON