Chantelle Farmer

Full-Stack Developer
in Ithaca, New York
With much passion in product, Chantelle excels in all areas of development from front-end to implementation across the back-end. She’s helped launch several startups as their first engineer.
 Extensive hands-on experience in LAMP stack (front-end and back-end development; Apache, MySQL and UNIX/Linux systems administration; performance tuning and optimization; QA). Her broad skill set allows involvement in any or all phases of product lifecycle, from conception to deployment and beyond. Chantelle's strong work ethic, attention to detail and commitment to deadlines combined with a flexible, can-do attitude and good troubleshooting skills enable her to work well independently or as part of a larger team.


Fan IQ/PulsePoint

Built scalable codebase for the site to grow from zero to a 12+ million users within 3 years.


Wore many hats, from development to technical product management to marketing and analytics, for an independent hotel booking travel startup.

Preferred Environment


UNIX26 yearsJavaScript21 yearsPHP21 yearsCSS21 yearsHTML21 yearsLAMP Stack14 years



Founder, Co-Owner and General Manager

FLX Fitclub
• Ithaca, New York

Technical Product Manager


Front-end development, technical product management, marketing support and analytics tracking for a boutique & independent hotel booking travel startup.

Senior Principal Engineer

FanIQ / PulsePoint

• Founding developer for social networking and gaming startup targeted towards sports fans. Responsible for all initial back- and front-end coding, plus database architecture. Scalable codebase allowed site to grow from zero to a 12+ million user base with 6 million monthly unique visitors within 3 years.
• Helped grow technical team from 1 to 8 engineers and system administrators. Assisted with hiring decisions and supervised junior staff members. Juggled various technical and non-technical roles to help balance workload. Worked with team to define coding standards and to implement bug tracking, revision control and release procedures.
• Collaborated with product managers and UX designers to develop ideas into specs for technically feasible products that would engage and satisfy both new and existing users.
• Built tools to support UGC and community moderation.
• Analyzed/optimized code and implemented caching strategies to support site growth.
• Built internal administrative, reporting and analytics tools, and implemented third-party tools as needed (e.g. Google Analytics).
• Integrated with various third-party APIs (Facebook, Twitter, etc).
• Helped architect and implement In-house PowerMTA-based email system supporting millions of messages sent per day, while ensuring compliance with anti-spam laws.

Lead Developer

Cyrus Company

• As senior technical member of small consulting company, worked with clients to develop ideas into profitable and maintainable web sites, working within time and budgetary constraints.
• Involved in all technical aspects of projects (architecture, database management, front- and back-end coding).
• Built administrative and CMS tools to help clients manage sites.
• Juggled multiple projects on a daily basis according to client demands and company priorities.
• Clients included:
o –games and social networking targeted towards sports fans
o – services for photographers and photo buyers
o – online dating (acquired by [NASDAQ: KNOT])
o – social networking, blogging and games
o – new and used textbook sales, plus marketplace platform connecting buyers with individual sellers
o and – real estate
o Many more, including dozens of small e-commerce sites

Senior Systems Programmer

Ithaca College
• March, 1995
- May, 2016

• As first webmaster for the college, took the lead on creating and developing its web presence. Worked with faculty, students and staff across all areas of the college to develop designs, content and tools to help support the school’s academic mission, as well as admissions/marketing and administrative functions.
• System administrator for large-scale UNIX and VMS systems supporting college web site, email services, library and other academic functions. Installed software and maintained systems; wrote scripts to automate account creation and other functions for Helpdesk staff.
• Team leader for systems administration team.
• Developed materials for and taught workshops in basic HTML and other web technologies for faculty and staff.

Manager, Engineering Services

Ironics / Pathlight Technology
• January, 1991
- March, 1995

• Managed 10-person Engineering Services and Operations Support department for manufacturer of industrial computer hardware, software and integrated systems.
• Hands-on involvement in project management, systems administration, configuration control, technical publications, PCB and mechanical design, and manufacturing support.
• Started as a part-time aide in high school and college; after college, hired as project administrator and quickly promoted to management position.







Developer Tools



LAMP Stack








B.S., Operations Research & Industrial Engineering

Cornell University
• August, 2014
- August, 2020